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UltraSurf Security


UltraSurf Security
UltraSurf Security


Unblock The Internet With The Flip Of  A Switch.


Unblock The Internet. Fast And Secure Proxy And Vpn Protection At The Flip Of A Switch.
Join Millions In Reclaiming Your Rights To A Free, Worldwide And Unblocked Internet. It’s Ultrasurf.

Ultrasurf is “the best performing of all the tested tools” -Harvard University Berkman Center Circumvention Landscape Report Access to the internet is a basic human right. It was designed to be a worldwide and free exchange of ideas, messages and content.
This is a dangerous notion for those who want power for themselves. It has become common for countries,
corporations and even schools to disregard this basic human right. Ultrasurf stands as a shield for those who boldly reclaim their rights. Privacy, Security, Freedom: pick three Ultrasurf fights billion dollar censorship systems in China, Iran, Vietnam, etc. on a daily basis.
Whether you’re being censored by your country, corporation, or campus, we’ll help you get the content you want, whenever you want it. – Circumvent repressive censorship and get the content you want. – Use public wifi safely and securely. – Encrypt your traffic – Mask your IP and location from websites you visit.

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